About Us
Our Data Center
Our world-class datacenter in Phoenix, AZ, USA contain top of the line technology to ensure that servers stay cool, secure, and up at all times.

Our network is 100% Cisco powered internal network with 10Gbe network to Mzima, Telia and nLayer. High speed connectivity to the internet is key to success. Multiple Power backup generators to assure service in a power black out.
Superior uptime and performance
24/7 tech support
Main Hub Location where all internet connections come together
Fiber Optic Network
Redundant connectivity
Featured Services
WebRiz Hosting is to provide you the best-quality, most fully-featured services at low price. Our packages are tagged with High Quality Products and Services + Low Rate + Quickest Tech Service. At WebRiz Hosting, you will find lowest cost but top quality web solutions like Web hosting services, Domain registration and Web designing everything under one-roof.

WebRiz Hosting provides low-cost feature-rich web hosting. The WebRiz Hosting business model emphasizes service to small and medium sized businesses, allowing them to do e-commerce and focus on their core competencies while WebRiz Hosting handles their Internet site.

Through our own experience, we understand that speed to market is vital, we are committed to helping you through every step of launching your web presence.
Why Choose Us
We have the finest server facility.
With state of the art equiptment and a staff of professionals making sure we are connected 24/7 you can be sure you have proper service.
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